Challenge completed

This post completes the challenge I took on a while back. I you have not read the first post you should go back and do that before continuing, because the rest would not make much sense. As I found myself with both some time on my hands and a need to focus on “something completely … Read more

Security Incident Management should feed into Risk Management

The problem many security organizations meet is when providing numbers that are based on guess work, and not real numbers, makes senior management less interested in investing time discussing the matter of setting aside resources to address something that could, potentially, be a real risk for the organization. A reason for this could be that … Read more

Taking the Red Pill of Attacker Eviction

Frode Hommedal (@FrodeHommedal on Twitter if you want to follow him) of Telenor’s CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) talked about responding to an advanced attacker at the COUNTERMEASURE conference in Ottawa, Canada. Frode’s slides are available here as well.

Challenge accepted!

A while back someone tipped me off about challenges posted by the Swedish FRA that they use for recruiting, and for fun as you will see in this post. FRA, the National Defence Radio Establishment, is the Swedish national authority for Signals Intelligence. So I checked it out and immediately got excited. Check them out here: The … Read more